Shipping and return policies for Pingipung

Shipping Info
As a general rule, we only use registered mail for Bandcamp orders.
This results in slightly higher shipping costs (about 2€ more), but we prefer reliability. A tracking reference is shared with you once the records leave our office.
We also exclusively ship in sturdy cardboard wrappers, which is absolutely worth it.

Since 2022, we changed the carrier to ship to foreign countries to shipment in bulk, to ensure relatively low shipping costs. Therefore we have to collect a considerable amount of orders before being able to ship. In consequence, shipment will be delayed up to 9 working days after orders being placed.

Also, please consider checking the following before placing an order:

- Is your shipping address (including name) still valid?
Surprisingly, this is not always the case. We unfortunately have to re-charge costs for shipment in case the records are being sent back to us due to wrong information.

- Is your email address still valid?
In case of issues, we like to get in touch, but sometimes this proves difficult because of 'throwaway' or outdated email-addresses linked to paypal or bandcamp - profiles.

- Please consider asking us to remove the record from a sleeve before sending, to avoid seam split.

Any further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch via